Wandhekar’s sleep note

You must get unusual mail, people sometimes remark. Yes, we do. Here’s a note that arrived this past weekend:

what is this? This is a sleeping position. Sleep at this position near about one hour …¬†When asthma people sleep at this position near about one hour then they get more powerful result. Please sleep more asthama people¬† at this position near about one hour and see reasult. If you get something reasult then tell him to sleep dialy near about 2-3 hour. Near about 4-5 month asthama people cure asthama permanantly more than 80 percent. I am created vishnu wandhekar google profile. I am vishnu eknath wandhekar,

vishnu eknath wandhekar also created this video, in which he demonstrates his unusual perspective:

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  1. Ryan Walker Says:

    Thank you but could you switch your video to horizontal.

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