Ig Nobel Night in the Netherlands (two nights after the ceremony!)

For the third year, there will be a special Ig Nobel Night in the Netherlands, featuring live performances and then a group viewing (on a big screen in a beautiful theatre) of the recorded 2014 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony.

Ig Nobel Prize winner Kees (the homosexual-necrophilia-in-the-mallard-duck guy) Moeliker will be on hand. So, too, will one of this year’s new (not to be announced until the Ig Nobel ceremony itself happens!) Ig Nobel Prize winners. So will a glittering array of glamorous Dutch science celebrities.

WHAT: De Nederlandse Ig Nobel Night
WHEN: Saturday night, September 20, 7:30 pm (European central time)
WHERE: Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden 



REMINDER: The 2014 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony itself happens on Thursday night, September 18, at Harvard University, in the USA. The ceremony will be webcast live, beginning at 6:00 pm USA eastern time —that’s midnight in most of Europe.

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