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Detecting Who Is Or Isn’t A Lie Detection Wizard

Some measure of truth is present in one or both or neither of these studies:

On lie detection ‘wizards‘”, C.F. Bond, A. Uysal, Law and Human Behavior, 31 (2007), pp. 109–115. the authors explain:

“M. O’Sullivan and P. Ekman (2004) claim to have discovered 29 wizards of deception detection. The present commentary offers a statistical critique of the evidence for this claim. Analyses reveal that chance can explain results that the authors attribute to wizardry. Thus, by the usual statistical logic of psychological research, O’Sullivan and Ekman’s claims about wizardry are gratuitous.”


The wizards of deception detection,” M. O’Sullivan, P. Ekman, in  P.A. Granhag, L.A. Stromwall (Eds.), Deception detection in forensic contexts, Cambridge Press, Cambridge, UK (2004), pp. 269–286.

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