Medical report: “A Real Airhead”

Some, alas not all, doctors strive for plain language. The headline of this medical report contains plain language:

A Real Airhead,” Declan McDonnell and Gillian Park, BMJ Case Reports, epub November 25, 2014. The authors, at Southampton General Hospital and Northwick Park Hospital, London, UK, report:

“A 21-year-old man was taken to the emergency department after having fainted. He had hit his head and lost consciousness for a few seconds, and his friends witnessed a shaking episode during this time, although there was no tongue biting or incontinence. He sustained a small laceration above his left eye following the fall. On presentation, he had a worsening headache, felt dizzy and had anterograde amnaesia. Examination was otherwise unremarkable. Given the symptoms, it was decided to perform a CT scan of the head, which showed a marked pneumocephalus, the presence of air inside the head (figure 1).”

This is figure 1:

airhead image

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