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Mooning the Ig

In the year 2000, the Ig Nobel Prize for economics was awarded to The Reverend Sun Myung Moon, for bringing efficiency and steady growth to the mass-marriage industry, with, according to his reports, a 36-couple wedding in 1960, a 430-couple wedding in 1968, an 1800-couple wedding in 1975, a 6000-couple wedding in 1982, a 30,000-couple wedding in 1992, a 360,000-couple wedding in 1995, and a 36,000,000-couple wedding in 1997. Here’s video of the 1992 wedding:

life_bio_Nixon_MoonReverend Moon (pictured on the right, in this photo) also created a business, in the shape of a newspaper, called the Washington Times.

Today, May 10, 2016, the Washington Times celebrated the Ig Nobel Prizes in a partial-fact-filled article headlined “Feds pay researcher to have bee sting his penis.” That Washington Times article — perhaps from modesty, perhaps because of a typographical error — does not mention that Reverend Moon was himself an Ig Nobel Prize winner.

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