An Iconography of Carrots

raffineAuthors John Stolarczyk and Jules Janick present their assessment of Carrot History and Iconography in the scholarly journal Chronica Horticulturae© (volume 51 – Number 2; June 2011).

A great deal of further information can be found at John Stolarczyk’s World Carrot Museum which has a section devoted to Carrots Depicted in the Fine Arts.

More on carrot iconography here

Note: The illustration is ‘Combat de deux Raffinés’ (Fight of two debonaires) (at least one being a carrot) by Jean Ignace Isidore Gérard Grandville (1803-47)

2 Responses to “An Iconography of Carrots”

  1. Bec Says:

    “raffiné” means : refined, and the picture shows the fight between sugar cane and sugar beet ( not a carrot…)

  2. Martin G Says:

    Thanks for the clarification Bec. The confusion came from this page

    at the Carrot Museum.

    As you point out, I now appreciate that the carrot is a concerned bystander rather than a participant in the fracas.

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