We are informed that Donald J. Trump won an Ig Nobel Prize…

We were informed today that the author of a mathematics paper has been awarded an Ig Nobel Prize. This is a surprise to us, because we award the Ig Nobel Prizes, and we are unaware that we ever awarded anything to this person, Donald J. Trump. The Ig Nobel Prizes honor achievements that make people laugh, then think.

The mathematics paper is called “Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis utilizing the theory of Alternative Facts“. Donald J. Trump is credited as the author.

The paper carries the publication date January 24, 2017. The most recent Ig Nobel Prize ceremony was held four months earlier, on September 22, 2016, at Harvard University. Donald J. Trump was not among the winners that day, nor in any of the previous 25 Ig Nobel Prize ceremonies.

We did some research, comparable in depth and value to the research described in the paper. We learn that Donald J. Trump is credited with authorship of other documents. Here is a much-self-circulated photo of Donald J. Trump, in which he is credited with authoring a document:

All we can say, having received the unexpected news, is this — Congratulations, in theory, to Mr. Donald J. Trump, no matter what his achievement is or isn’t, and no matter what he may be or not be.

BONUS: Some background info about the Riemann Hypothesis.

BONUS: A related historical note: The 2002 Ig Nobel Prize for economics was awarded (by us) to the executives, corporate directors, and auditors of twenty-some-odd corporations, for adapting the mathematical concept of imaginary numbers for use in the business world.

UPDATE (January 25, 2017, 11:20 am): We have just been informed that we are “not permitted, under United States law” to “publicly disclose” certain details of this matter. We are, as the saying goes, taking this under advisement.

7 Responses to “We are informed that Donald J. Trump won an Ig Nobel Prize…”

  1. Thomas L. Maccarone Says:

    Doubt he can even spell Riemann. Plus the origin is foreign to him in at least two ways (intellectually and geographically). I am not even sure if this article is fake news. In any event, he deserves what ever the free press says about him.

  2. Hubert Says:

    I look forward to the 2017 Ig Nobel Prizes in which the eminent Zoologist, Herbert George Wells, and the Mathematician Donald J. Trump will share an award for the first Demonstration of a Time Machine on September 15, 2016, and replications on September 22, 2016 and September 23, 2016. The earlier, or later, date being required to establish the pro-motive and the later date the counter-motive and the average date being required to satisfy the Alternative Fact Proof.

    Thus explaining the erasure from history of the Award and establishing the proof using Alternative Facts. Full Proof can be provided from any liquor store.

  3. Marc Wilson Says:

    @Thomas – he sure as hell cannot spell conjecture.

  4. Donald J. Trump Says:

    @Marc: I’m building a big, fat beautiful conjecture! A beautiful conjecture. Beautiful.

  5. Mason Says:

    Surely his tweets deserve some consideration for an Ig Nobel Prize in Literature (or possibly Peace, or perhaps both).

  6. Sean Rowshandel Says:

    Conjecture is defined as:

    an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.
    “conjectures about the newcomer were many and varied”

  7. Sean Rowshandel Says:

    Why did you upload it on scribd? I wanna see it for free

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