Ig Nobel at Imperial College London, Friday evening

The big Ig Nobel show at Imperial College London happens Friday evening, March 17, 2017, starting at 6 pm.

WHERE: IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON, UK — in The Great Hall, the Sherfield Building, South Kensington campus. TICKETS: The event is booked full.. But… some seats are likely to become available at the last minute or so. If you arrive at the Great Hall a bit early and take your chances, you just might be able to get a ticket.

It features: Marc Abrahams / Ig Nobel Prize winners Raghavendra Rau (some business leaders acquire a taste for disasters that do not affect them personally), Thomas Thwaites (living as a goat), Elizabeth Oberzaucher (mathematical analysis of the man who fathered 888 children) / the QI Elves doing dramatic readings from bizarre-seeming research studies / David Kilgour explaining why Britain’s Ministry of Defence is so, um, efficient.

Details of that show and the entire Ig Nobel Spring EuroTour, are on our events page.

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