Stinky-feet-and-cheese researcher’s research gets new attention

Ig Nobel Prize winner Bart Knols‘s sure-footed malaria-mosquito research is featured in a new Discovery Channel documentary called “Mosquito.” The New York Times celebrates “Mosquito,” contrasting it with the “frivolous” Shark Week films that the TV network is famed for: “Deadlier Than Sharks: A Documentary Spotlights the Mosquito.”

Here’s a promotional chunk of the film:

Knols and Ruurd de Jong were awarded the 2006 Ig Nobel Biology Prize, for showing that the female malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae is attracted equally to the smell of limburger cheese and to the smell of human feet. Here are some of their prize-winning studies:

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    Knols and Ruurd de Jong were awarded the 2006 Ig Nobel Biology Prize, for showing that the female malaria mosquito
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