Decisive-Regret-Under-Uncertainty Limerick Contest

This month’s research limerick contest:

Devise a pleasing limerick that encapsulates this study:

Regret in Decision Making Under Uncertainty,” David E. Bell, Operations Research, vol. 30, no. 5, 1982, pp. 961-981. ┬áThe author, at Harvard University, reports:

“After making a decision under uncertainty, a person may discover, on learning the relevant outcomes, that another alternative would have been preferable. This knowledge may impart a sense of loss, or regret.”

The contest, and details about how to submit your perfectly formed, delightfully enlightening limerick, are in the August issue of mini-AIR.

One Response to “Decisive-Regret-Under-Uncertainty Limerick Contest”

  1. RJ Mical Says:

    Some Harvard behavioral science,
    which showed such amazing reliance
    On shout, drought, and pout
    As results of “I doubt”,
    Made me scoff at this idjit compliance!

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