Cats and Vagina Music and Lying: Ig Nobel events in Stockholm

The Ig Nobel EuroTour arrives in Stockholm this week:

  • April 5, Thursday, 3:00 pm—Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden—Berzelius väg 3, in Lecture hall Retzius. Free admission, open to the general public. With:
    • Marc-Antoine Fardin, Ig Nobel Physics Prize winner (can a cat be both a solid and a liquid?)
    • Álex García-Faura and Marisa López-Tejón, Ig Nobel Obstetrics Prize winners (effects of intra-vaginally played music on developing fetuses)
    • Bruno Verschuere, Ig Nobel Psychology Prize winner (asking a thousand liars how often they lie, and deciding whether to believe those answer)
  • April 6, Friday, 12:30 pm—Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden—in Studenthuset, Galleriet. Free admission, open to the public. With:
    • Marc-Antoine Fardin
    • Álex García-Faura and Marisa López-Tejón
    • Bruno Verschuere

And next week, the Ig Nobel EuroTour will finish up, with two shows in Denmark!

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