Thesis: “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” in Stockholm

A tidy stream of scholarship emerges from this 2017 thesis:

Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow: Urin i konsten: om tolkning som händelse,” Jens Martin Svendsen, thesis, Faculty of Social Sciences, Stockholm Business School, Marketing, Stockholm University, 2017.

The author writes: “Don’t eat the yellow snow—Urine in art: events of interpretationUrine seams to evoke feelings. Through four different lenses, this bachelor’s thesis examines urine in four different works of art. The works of art are Three Grazes by Sally Mann, Manneken Pis by Hieronymus Duquesnoy the younger, Fideicommissumby Ann-Sofie Sidén and Bad Bad Boy by Tommi Toija, all of which in some way contains urine as part of their motif. The four perspectives are The body as abject, The body as observed, The body as communication and The body as phenomenon. The thesis reaches the conclusion that urine must be regarded as part of a syntagm and this syntagm is interpreted in the light of a culturally conditioned resonance, part of a make-believe culture that can and, as it were, also interpret water as urine. To interpret water as urine depends on where the water is pouring from in an overall body syntagm.Furthermore, depending on what gender the body is interpreted as (male or female) the urine will carry different value connotations.”

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