A Dog Using Skype [research study]

Technology is not just for humans, suggests this study that uses a dog using Skype to try to make that point, or to make some other point:

A Dog Using Skype,” Alexandre Pongrácz Rossi, Sarah Rodriguez, and Cassia Rabelo Cardoso dos Santos, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction, ACM, 2016, p. 10. The authors explain:

“As the bond between humans and domesticated dogs grows in importance in today’s society, the need to stay connected to pets from a distant location has peaked inquiries into how technology can be used to enhance that bond. While it is not clear how different types of technology mediated interaction affects the human – dog bond, recent work between a trainer and his canine displayed the ability of a canine to correctly respond to verbal cues given through video chat. The steps to achieve this will be explored, and the benefits of such an interaction will be discussed.”

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