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Ig Nobel Prize winner Skilling leaves longtime home

Jeffrey Skilling, who shared the 2002 Ig Nobel Economics Prize, has embarked on a new adventure. Fox News reports:

Former Enron CEO Jefrey Skilling released from prison

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling, who helmed the company responsible for one of the worst cases of corporate fraud in U.S. history, is a free man after being released from federal custody on Thursday.

Skilling, 65, had spent the last 12 years in prison after a 2006 conviction for various counts of fraud and insider trading. He has lived in a halfway house in Texas for the last six months after serving time in Alabama and Colorado….

The 2002 Ig Nobel Prize for economics was awarded to the executives, corporate directors, and auditors of Enron, Lernaut & Hauspie, Adelphia, Bank of Commerce and Credit International, Cendant, CMS Energy, Duke Energy, Dynegy, Gazprom, Global Crossing, HIH Insurance, Informix, Kmart, Maxwell Communications, McKessonHBOC, Merrill Lynch, Merck, Peregrine Systems, Qwest Communications, Reliant Resources, Rent-Way, Rite Aid, Sunbeam, Tyco, Waste Management, WorldCom, Xerox, and Arthur Andersen, for adapting the mathematical concept of imaginary numbers for use in the business world.

Video of an historic moment

Watch, if you like, video of that prize being awarded at the 2002 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, in Sanders Theatre at Harvard University. (Fun fact: the two half-clad persons holding the sacred curtain rods are The Dresden Dolls.]


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