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When would you like your Improbable Research Table Talks?

We are planning a new series of Improbable Research Table Talks—and we want your advice about when to schedule them!

These events will happen at Toscanini’s Ice Cream, in Cambridge Massachusetts, continuing the series we began last summer.

What: Laugh, then Think

At each Improbable Research Table Talk, Marc Abrahams (editor of the Annals of Improbable Research, and founder of the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony) will chat with you about one or another research study that makes people laugh, then think. Some of these studies have won Ig Nobel Prizes; others we have explored in the magazine, in the podcast, etc.

Gus Rancatore (co-founder of Toscanini’s, inventor of ice creams, scholar of many things great and small, and gatherer of intriguing persons and conversations) will co-host the Improbable Research Table Talks.

Cosy, Informal, Brief

These chats will be cozy, informal, and brief, around a table. Sometimes Marc or Gus will bring along a professor, physician, engineer, or other famous or infamous researcher.

Please join us! Bring friends, and maybe meet some new friends.

The Question for You: When?

We want your advice. When—from your selfish point of view, for your personal delight—should these events happen? What day of the week would be most convenient for you? What time of day or evening?

If you have druthers, please get in touch with Marc or Gus, and tell us when would work best for you.

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