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Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony on “Science Friday” on the day after Thanksgiving

Friday, November 26, 2021 is the day for this year’s day-after-Thanksgiving Ig Nobel special on the Science Friday radio program, on public radio stations in the USA. This is the 30th year for the special. (This is the 31st year for the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony itself.)

WHAT: This is a specially edited version of the 31st First Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, with commentary from SciFri founder/host Ira Flatow, and Ig Nobel founder/emcee Marc Abrahams.

WHEN, IN MOST OF THE USA: On most public radio stations, the Ig Nobel broadcast will be at 3:00 pm (which is HOUR TWO of Science Friday’s two-hour broadcast).

BOSTON IS AN EXCEPTION: Boston, where the ceremony is based, always views itself as an exceptional place, always a step ahead of the crowd. Accordingly, in Boston the Ig Nobel special will be broadcast on WBUR-FM, at 2:00 pm, rather than 3:00 pm.

INTERNET: Most public radio stations stream over the internet, as well as broadcasting good ol’ radio signals — so no matter where you are, you can probable catch the show. And if you don’t catch it on the fly, you can catch it later on the sofa. The broadcast will also be archived, and available later on the Science Friday web site.

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