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Back issues

  • THE MAGAZINE: Tables of contents, covers, and some articles from every issue of the 6-issues-a-year print magazine Annals of Improbable Research. (And a free sample issue!)
  • THE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: mini-AIR, our little e-mail newsletter, contains improbable research news that's are too tiny to fit in the magazine. (To add yourself to the (free!) mini-AIR distribution list, follow these nearly simple instructions)
  • THIS WEB SITE: That's what you're looking at right now. Every week, we add several new featured items (for a list of them, see What's New)
  • THE NEWSPAPER COLUMN: Our editor's weekly column, called "Improbable Research," appears every Tuesday in the British newspaper The Guardian

Other things produced by the AIRheads

  • CLASSICS: some favorite articles from the magazine, and some additional classics by the founders and editors of AIR

Stuff about us

For more AIRy stuff, see the AIR Bookstore.

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