Annals of Improbable Research

NOVEMBER | DECEMBER 2010 (volume 16, number 6)

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The 2010 Ig® Nobel Prizes

Bacteria and slime mold
Whale snot and swearing
Scientist's Beard Hazard…


The features marked with a star (*) are based entirely on material taken straight from standard research (and other Official and Therefore Always Correct) literature. Many of the other articles are genuine, too, but we don’t know which ones.

Special Section: The 2010 Ig® Nobel Prizes

The 20th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony* Stephen Drew
The 2010 Ig Nobel Prize Winners*
Ig Nobel Winner Wins Nobel* Alice Shirrell Kaswell
Acceptance Speeches* transcribed by Steven Drew
Keynote Address* Richard Losick
The 24/7 Lectures* Toshiuki Nakagaki, Mary Ellen Davies, Neil Gaiman
THE BIG QUESTION: How Many Bacteria Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?*Frank Wilczek, Sheldon Glashow, Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu
LIBRETTO: “The Bacterial Opera” Marc Abrahams

Improbable Research Reviews*

May We Recommend: Moose Suit* Improbable Research Review* Improbable Medical Review*

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On the Front Cover

Bacteriologist Richard Losick lets his intestinal bacteria have their say, concluding the keynote speech at this year’s Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. Performing chemist Daniel Rosenberg wields the microphone. Photo: Kees Moeliker.

On the Back Cover

The thrilling conclusion to The Bacterial Opera: mouthwash overwhelms the plucky bacteria
on an obvilious woman’s tooth. Photo: Mike Benveniste.