Annals of Improbable Research

JULY | AUGUST 2012 (volume 18, number 4)



Projectiles Special Issue

The Waste-Not Tank Cannon,
Evolution of the Pokemon,


The features marked with a star (*) are based entirely on material taken straight from standard research (and other Official and Therefore Always Correct) literature. Many of the other articles are genuine, too, but we don't know which ones.

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Special Section: Projectiles
Semenov’s Double-Purpose Armored Tank Projectile System* — Marc Abrahams
Projectiles Research Review* — Dirk Manly

Improbable Research
The Proof of Innocence — Dmitri Krioukov
A Phylogeny and Evolutionary History of the Pokémon* — Matan Shelomi, Andrew Richards, Ivana Li, Yukinari Okido

Improbable Research Reviews*
Improbable Research Review* — Dirk Manley
Improbable Medical Review* — Bertha Vanatian
May We Recommend: Found Frog* — Stephen Drew
Soft Is Hard* — Alice Shirrell Kaswell and Bissell Mango
Icky Cutesy Research Review* — Alice Shirrell Kaswell
Boys Will Be Boys* — Katherine Lee
Ig® and Beyond: Collision & Finger* — Nan Swift

News & Notes
Coming: The 22nd First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony
AIR Vents (letters from our readers)
Editorial Board
KIM CARTOON: “Carnivorous Snail” — Nick Kim
Puzzling Solutions — Emil Filterbag
Teachers’ Guide
Ig® Nobel Limericks: Smashing, Socks and Blue Gelatin* — Martin Eiger
The Birds From the Flowers: Larks & Larkspur — R.W. Wood
Back Issues
Unclassified Ads

On the Front Cover
Technical drawing from Alexandr Semenov's patent for a tank artillery system that also disposes of the tank crew's biological waste. For details, see "Semenov's Double-Purpose Armored Tank Projectile System," in this issue.

On the Back Cover
The first MRI image of a man undergoing a digital rectal exam. The man was Ig Nobel Prize winner Pek van Andel. For details, see "Ig® and Beyond: Collision & Finger," in this issue.

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