Ask Symmetra, Vol. 2 Iss. 3

Ask Symmetra

Elegant solutions to complex problems
by scientist/supermodel Symmetra

Question: My fiancée is desperate to find a color that will go well with her eyes, which are a very deep brown. Our wedding is next month, and we are expecting unusually warm weather. Can you suggest something that's not too stodgy?

Answer: Why not try something like Prussian blue? It has a tinkertoy molecular structure with M¬CºN®M¢ linkages in 3-D. Of course the choice of metals and their oxidation states affect the magnetic behavior. If you use NiII and CrIII, which is to say that you have CsNi[Cr(CN)6].2H2O, the material is a ferromagnet with a critical temperature of 90K. Go for it. Her relatives will approve, your friends will be pleased, and the marriage will get off to a good start.

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