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MAY | JUNE (volume 23, number 3)

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Special Issue: Cigarette Butts, Vegemite, and Marmite

Rheology of Marmite,
Curiosity Killed the Bat,
Cigarette Butts and German Society...


The features marked with a star (*) are based entirely on material taken straight from standard research (and other Official and Therefore Always Correct) literature. Many of the other articles are genuine, too, but we don't know which ones.

Special Section: Cigarette Butts, Vegemite, and Marmite

Cigarette Butts Research*
Butts and German Society*
Cigarette Butts and Birds and Bugs*
Vegemite and Marmite Research*
Some Medical Effects of Marmite and Vegemite*

Improbable Research Reviews*

Improbable Research: Shoelaces and Driving*
Medical: Proust, Smoking, Murder, Suicide*
Coffee & Tea: Tea Excitement in Hospitals*
May We Recommend: The Wealthy Invite Richer Biodiversity in Bedroom and Basement*
Improbable Sex: Rats in Jackets, Lesbians for Men*
Ig® and Beyond: Unattractive Bodies and Frog Sex*
Boys Will Be Boys: A Nude Cigarette-Smoker's Tragedy in Uppsala*
Dog Research: What Dogs Watch on TV*
Soft Is Hard: Do People Like Weekends and Walking in the Park?*
Smoking / Drinking / Drugs: Slurping Joe and Smoking Cigs*
Icky Cutesy: Cats, Bats, and Corpses*
Plucked From Obscurity: Baby Cage to Hang Outside a Window*
Nominative Determinism: Wears Wears Out*

News & Notes

AIR Vents (letters from our readers): Swallowed Bees, Cigar Butts
Editorial Board
AIR books
Puzzling Solutions: On the Identicalitity of Dr. Ames
Ig® Nobel Limericks: Beetle Sex and DNA in or on Bottles*
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On the Front Cover

Vegemite, and Marmite, and a cigarette butt.

On the Back Cover

Detail from US patent 7258079, "Apparatus and Method for Waterproofing Game Birds." Specifically: "The game birds are sprayed with a waterproofing composition in amounts that prevent excessive water absorption by the feathers of the birds in wet weather, while still permitting the game birds to fly."

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