A Space Child's Mother Goose

A Space Child's Mother Goose

Kant Russell and Whitehead and Kant!
Maybe I shall and maybe I shan't.
Maybe I shan't and maybe I shall.
Kant Russell Whitehead, Hegel et al.

Readers of a certain age grew up with a wonderful book of verse and drawings called The Space Child's Mother Goose. The book is long out of print. However, with kind permission from the artist, Marian Parry, and the family of the late author, Frederick Winsor, we are reprinting some of the poems. It is our hope that a sensible book publisher will see them and decide that 21st century spacechildren, too, crave poetry and verse.

We are extremely pleased to report that The Space Child’s Mother Goose has just been reissued in a spiffy new edition, published by Purple House Press. Its ISBN is 1-930900-07-4.

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