HotAIR - Bomby, Bomby, Bomby (an introduction)


Bomby, Bomby, Bomby (an introduction to AIR's special section)

by Sally Shelton, Bomby serial review project editor

Bomby, the Bombardier Beetle is a children's book produced by the Institute for Creation Research. A top-flight panel of AIR reviewers was delighted to evaluate this pioneering work in young-earth entomology.

Young minds will be taken by this short, imaginative book, written by an inspired team of cooperating authors (21 are credited), illustrators (15), and educational consultants (5). It provides value for every penny of its low cost.

In this book the foul-smelling, sometimes disabling defensive chemical mechanism of bombardier beetles is examined as a prime example of God's plan, laid out "thousands of years ago." The conversations of the characters are a morality play of an attentive post-pupal pupil's lessons of the God-given ways of bombardier beetles, their position in the world (often at a 45-degree angle, head down), their unique status as patriarchal social insects, the lessons they provide to humans, and advanced chemistry.

This HotAIR feature first appeared in Volume 6 Issue 5 of the print magazine. For a complete list of web site featured articles, see What's New.