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Sharp, high-resolution photo-micrographs of pencil shavings. Must sell. Box 2.

IKEA assemble-them-yourself atoms, with original packaging and instructions. Box 4.

Gigantic tadpoles. Box 5.

Extremely gigantic frogs. Box 6.

Elise — This is to notify you that I am now on the verge of giving up hope. I have been looking for you, the girl I accidentally rubbed horseradish peroxidase on seven years ago in the P.J.’s lab in Paris. If you have seen my previous ads and failed to get in touch with me then I will be forced to accidentally meet someone else and focus my hopes and attentions on her. My name is (still) Charley. This is your last chance. I love you! Box 9.

Empty boxes. Box 12.

Smelly chemicals in shiny jars. Box 27.

Remarkable collection of dim bulbs, from Europe, Australia, and the U.S. Box 38.

Wagging tongues. All natural. Work by galvanic action. Wind-up versions also available. Box 44

Homemade zygotes. Just like Mom’s. Box 62.

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This HotAIR feature first appeared in AIR VOLUME 9-ISSUE 1. For a complete list of strangely fascinating featured articles elsewhere on this web site, see What's New.

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