Annals of Improbable Research

Table of Contents for Volume 9, Issue 1

Ig Nobel issue

Special ART / SCIENCE Issue*Special ART / SCIENCE Issue

On the front cover:  Ig Nobel Biology Prize co-winner Charles Paxton delivers his acceptance speech. Minordomo Naomi Stephen grooms him with a feather duster. Paxton co-authored the research report "Courtship Behaviour of Ostriches Towards Humans Under Farming Conditions in Britain." Photo: Ruby Arguilla/Harvard University News Office. (To see the front cover enlarged, click on the image.)

On the back cover:  An inappropriately highlighted page from the Ig Nobel Literature Prize-winning paper “The Effects of Pre-Existing Inappropriate Highlighting on Reading Comprehension.” (To see the back cover enlarged, click on the image.)

Cover design by Peaco Todd.

The features marked with a star (*) are based entirely on material taken straight from standard research (and other Official and Therefore Always Correct) literature. Many of the other articles are genuine, too, but we don't know which ones.

Special Section: ART & SCIENCE

Medical Breakthroughs

Shifty New Paradigms

AIRhead Research Roundup*


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