The Nano Lectures


The Nano-Lectures



As part of the Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, and especially in honor of this year’s ceremony theme —“Nano” — five of the world’s great thinkers were invited to give Nano-Lectures.

Each Nano-Lecture was on an assigned topic. The lecturer was asked to explain that topic twice:
FIRST, a complete technical description  in TWENTY-FOUR (24) SECONDS;
• and THEN a clear summary that anyone  can understand, in SEVEN (7) WORDS.

The time and word limits were enforced by the Ig Nobel referee, Mr. John Barrett, and the Ig Nobel V-Chip Monitor, prominent New York attorney William J. Maloney.

Here are the complete transcripts of this year’s Nano-Lectures. Click to see each one:

Lene Hau
Yan Emily Yuan
William Lipscomb
Genevieve Reynolds
Eric Lander

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