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NOTE: Some entries include comments. These comments were supplied by the LFHCfS member or by the person or organization who or which nominated her or him.

NOTE: Membership does not expire, but some of the job titles etc. recorded below may have changed since the person became a member.

T. Adams, LFHCfS

Thomas M. Adams, Ph.D.
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
ROSE-HULMAN Institute of Technology
Terre Haute, Indiana, USA
<more about this member>

"Dr. Thom is an Associate Professor of mechanical engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology as well as one groovy ass dude."
(Nominated by Carl Tracy)

J.P. Alao, LFHCfS

John Patrick Alao, PhD
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Research Scientist
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Lundberg Laboratory
University of Gothenburg
Gothenburg, Sweden
<more about this member>

"I am a rastaman scientist studying the interactions between the stress response and DNA damage response pathways. I particularly love working with fission yeast cells. I am based in the laboratory of Prof. Per Sunnerhagen."

P. Borst, LFHCfS

Peter Loring Borst
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Paula Cohen Lab
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY USA
<more about this member>

"I feel especially fortunate to be working as Dr. Paula Cohen's Lab Technician as it is an interesting mix of lab work and handling animals (mice). Those years I spent fixing my own cars are really paying off, what with the trouble-shooting, deduction and hands-on work that lab work involves. It is exciting to be on the front line of the rapid discovery in genomics that is taking place here at Cornell."

H. Brothers, LFHCfS

Holly Brothers
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Graduate Student in Psychology
Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio, USA
<more about this member>

"My hair is too cool for school and so am I."

M. Brown, LFHCfS

Matthew A. Brown
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Chief Preparator
Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory
University of Texas, Austin
Austin, TX, USA
<more about this member>

"I began taking hair growth somewhat seriously at the age of 12. Luckily the mullet gave way to fully fledged long hair and a beard by the end of high school. The facial hair is now neatly trimmed and by no means flowing. Which both looks much better and keeps it out of chemicals in the paleontology lab, where I spend my time researching the stability of historic fossil treatments, implementing new methods for safely exposing, stabilizing, and reconstructing specimens, and mounting expeditions to travel the dry and dusty places of the globe to collect more bones."

C. Carranza, LFHCfS

Claudia Carranza, DVM
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Lima, Peru

"I've always been noticed for my luxuriant long and sometimes rebellious hair; which I managed to control during the presentation of my thesis work about Avian Pathogenic Escherichia coli present in the intestine of healthy broilers from the Peruvian shore, to obtain my Veterinary degree at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Now with my hair back to 'normal' I'm ready to continue with my post-graduate program in Poultry [management and medicine] to keep on studying Escherichia coli's pathogenic mecanisms in poultry."

R. Chmielowski, LFHCfS

Reia M. Chmielowski
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Laboratory of Experimental Petrology
Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
Università degli Studi di Milano
Milan, Italy
<more about this member>

"I rather think my hair is on the short side, since it doesn't hang much past my bra-strap when braided, and I've friends with hair reaching past their knees. This photo shows my hair with 12th Century style hair additions. Please note that the fouriaus* more than doubles the apparent length of my hair. But when wearing a costume patterned after one of the statues in the Chartres Cathedral it seemed right to wear the appropriate accessories, too. Besides, it is fun to wear braids that long!
*Fouriaus: Sheathes covering braids or bourre (false hair) source: Goddard, E. R. (1925). Women's Costume in French Texts of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries. The Johns Hopkins Studies in Romance Literatures and Languages, Vol. VII. Paris, Universitaires de France: 263."

C. DiBona, LFHCfS

Chris DiBona, MS
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Open Source Programs Manager and Administrator, Google Summer of Code
Google, Inc.
Mountain View, CA, USA
<more about this member>

"I run Science Foo Camp for Google, Nature and O'Reilly. And I have a Master's (in Science!) from CMU. I enjoy caffeinated beverages and noodling around with electronic circuits, sometimes at the same time."

H. Dunning, LFHCfS

Hayley Dunning
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Graduate student in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
<more about this member>

"My hair is so long and luxuriant I even attract inanimate objects! After gaining an 'Undergrad Masters' from the University of Bristol, UK, I'm now pursuing a 'Graduate Masters' at the University of Alberta, Canada. I love things that explode, in this case volcanoes, and study their ashes."

G. Dixon, LFHCfS

Graeme Dixon
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Laboratory Technician
Laboratory Safety Officer
Underwriters Laboratories
Guildford, Surrey, UK

"It was the week before Hallowe'en and people at work were suggesting we should dress up for the occasion; I dressed as Alice Cooper, but in reality it is more like my 'normal' dress code with a bit of make-up (borrowed from my nearest and dearest - thanks Babe!)"

M. Dushay, LFHCfS

Mitchell Dushay, Ph.D.
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Assistant Professor of Biology
Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, Illinois, USA
<more about this member>

"The primary focus of my laboratory is on the immune systems of insects, with emphasis on hemolymph (blood) clotting in fruit fly maggots. We are also exploring the role of nuclear lamins on immunity, gene expression, and aging. Joining the LFHCfS seems to fit with the time-honored tradition of participating in one's work."

A. Gagliardi, LFHCfS

Alessandro Gagliardi
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Graduate Student in Integrative Neuroscience
Rutgers University Mind Brain Analysis
Newark, New Jersey, USA
<more about this member>

"I always knew my hair would make me famous."

A. Hoover, LFHCfS

Aaron Hoover
Member, Luxurient Former Hair Club for Scientists
Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, California, USA
<more about this member>

"Aaron Hoover, currently a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley, and soon to be an assistant professor at Olin College in Boston. Aaron works with Professor Ron Fearing in the Biomimetic Millisystems Lab in EECS on rapid prototyping millirobots using long fiber-reinforced composite components. In addition to millirobots, he is also interested in biological systems (like the American cockroach and Anna's hummingbird) that provide inspiration and insight for understanding and designing novel robots. He dabbles in personal fabrication and the intersection of computer science and mechanical design. His research has been featured on Australian television. Membership in the Luxuriant Hair Club will provide Aaron with a strong foundation for professional success, not to mention the groupies he's sort of counting on, at this critical juncture in his academic career."
(Nominated by Melissa Hoover)

M. Howes, LFHCfS

Moira Howes, Ph.D
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Chair, Department of Philosophy
Trent University
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
<more about this member>

"I am a philosopher of science who regularly practices 'Armchair Science.' After my BSc in biology and eight months in an immunology Master's program, I defected to the arts so to study the conceptual foundations of science and problems in scientific reasoning. I am currently working on intellectual virtue and character in the sciences, with a specific focus on how the promotion, clarification and cultivation of intellectual virtue might solve two problems: first, the rather low quality of public debate about science and the need for better public policy about science; and second, some philosophical problems concerning scientific objectivity. My critical work on scientific reasoning has thus far only annoyed one or two scientists - or so I think."

T. Maile, LFHCfS

Tobias Maile, Ph.D.
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Postdoctoral Scientist
London Research Institute
Cancer Research UK
London, UK
<more about this member>

"I have a German PhD in Molecular Biology, which I did in cooperation of University of Hohenheim and the UC Riverside in California. I moved to London for my Postdoc in 2007 where I work in cancer research for CRUK in their London Research Institute (LRI). I am working mostly biochemically with the fruit fly Drosphila melanogaster where I investigate the regulation of certain growth inducing transcription factors which are closely conserved in mammals as well. About 500 scientists or so work in the LRI and with no more than a handful of long-haired male scientists, we are certainly an endangered species within the institute."

J. Manaster, LFHCfS

Joanne Manaster
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Laboratory Teaching
Specialist and Lecturer, Bioengineering and Developmental Biology
University of Illinois-Urbana
Urbana, Illinois, USA
<more about this member>

"I am a bioengineering instructor at the University of Illinois-Urbana. I am also involved in practically nauseating amounts of science outreach at every level. My personal website Lovely Scientist Loves Science includes videos from my YouTube channel, and also some items from my modeling days way back when... when I had luxuriant flowing hair, but was NOT a scientist - yet! I was called to audition recently for a Dove 'Real Women' commercial for their shampoo, but was disqualified b/c I have to pull it back into a ponytail for lab work. Sigh. What's one to do?"

C. Moyer, LFHCfS

Christopher A. Moyer, PhD.
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Assistant Professor of Psychology
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Stout, Wisonsin, USA

"I'm in the Psychology Department at University of Wisconsin Stout, where my students and I conduct research on how massage therapy can reduce anxiety and depression. I know of no psychologist who has an easier job attracting research participants into his lab."

S. Muhonen, LFHCfS

Sara Muhonen, AgrD
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Postdoctoral Researcher
AgroSup Dijon
Dijon, France
<more about this member>

"My research is about the gastrointestinal tract and exercise in horses and as you can see in the picture my hair can compete with the mane of a horse."

D. Pham, LFHCfS

Diane N. Pham
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Graduate Student in Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware, USA
<more about this member>

"Since I was young, I have been told that I have perfect hair - straight, soft, and shiny, and I have been the envy of many people since. Currently, I am a graduate student in Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware on my work on selenoproteins in both Dr. Bahnson's and Dr. Rozovsky's groups."

M. Rzechowicz, LFHCfS

Miles Rzechowicz, BSC (Hons)
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Water Treatment Chemist
Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences
University of New South Wales
Australian Defence Force Academy
Canberra, Australia

"Due to following his supervisor around, Miles managed to move away and disappear to Perth from Canberra. Over this time he decided that his hair looked better not cut. As such, since 2007 when he first went to Perth, his hair has not been cut, and is not quite a display of ripples and waves. Thrice published in New Scientist he is also a fanatical cyclist who often out paces cars."

Miles himself says:
"After eschewing barbers, as a money-saving measure, I quickly discovered that girls are much more impressed by big hair than they are by desalination and water treatment. I have found that this phenomenon transcends borders, and is just as effective on Australia's east coast as it was on the west coast. I intend to further study this phenomenon overseas, and determine whether the same holds true in areas of high water stress."
(Nominated by Julian Rzechowicz)

M. Shelomi, LFHCfS

Matan Shelomi
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Graduate Student in Entomology
Bohart Museum of Entomology
University of California - Davis
Davis, California, USA
<more about this member>

"I am an entomology PhD student at UC Davis, currently studying the digestive physiology of the Phasmatodea. I did my undergraduate at Harvard, where I first experimented with long hair. My strawberry-blond hair is my prized possession. It varies in color naturally with the seasons, going from bright red in the summer to dirty blond in the winter. Women want it, men also want it, and people in the nations I do fieldwork in want to touch it. Look closely and you can see that this is actually an overgrown mullet: I went to the barbershop two years prior with a photograph of MacGyver and said 'do this!' Best haircut I ever had. (The photo here was taken by Kathy Keatley Garvey.)"

J. Sokolowski, LFHCfS

Bald John Sokolowski
Member, Luxurient Former Hair Club for Scientists
Tuscon, Arizona, USA
<more about this member>

"My name is Bald John. By day, I am a medical and research photographer at a hospital and research facility in Tucson, Arizona. By night and by weekend, I am an inventor and a scientist of adaptive keyboards as well as a Vespa scooter hotrodder supported by GGR Scooter Club & Garage also in Tucson, Arizona."

T. Teuscher, LFHCfS

Christof Teuscher, Ph.D.
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Department of Computer Science
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon, USA
<more about this member>

"I believe I qualify for the Luxuriant Former Hair Club for Scientists. My lab investigates, designs, and builds emerging computing models and technologies. We are interested in bold, visionary, and transformational solutions to complex and critical problems needed for the medium- and long-term sustainability of the technological future of the computing disciplines."

C. Wichlacz, LFHCfS

Caitlin A. Wichlacz, MA
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Graduate Student in Archaeology
Department of Anthropology
Washington State Unversity
Pullman, Washington, USA
<analysis by this member>

"I'm a grad student in Archaeology at Washington State University. I get a haircut about once every eight years, and usually donate my surplus flowing hair to those in need. My most memorable haircut was performed with a sharpened Marshalltown trowel."

D. Zimmerman, LFHCfS

Dan Zimmerman
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Nonlinear Dynamics Lab
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland, USA

"I'm a Ph.D. student in Physics at the University of Maryland, working in Dan Lathrop's nonlinear dynamics lab. We designed and built a three meter diameter, rapidly rotating fluid flow apparatus geometrically similar to Earth's core, in the hope of observing a self-organizing magnetic dynamo in the lab. The dynamo process, generation of magnetic fields from the motion of conducting fluid, is thought to be responsible for the magnetic field of Earth, the Sun, and other astrophysical objects. My Ph.D. work focused on purely hydrodynamic rotating turbulence using water as the working fluid. Later this year, we hope to fill the device with more than 13,000kg of metallic sodium and begin magnetohydrodynamic experiments. In the interim, we will ensure that it is dried very, very thoroughly."

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