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NOTE: Some entries include comments. These comments were supplied by the LFHCfS member or by the person or organization who or which nominated her or him.

NOTE: Membership does not expire, but some of the job titles etc. recorded below may have changed since the person became a member.

B. Boling, LFHCfS

Bryan Boling
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Senior Graduate Researcher
Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory
Georgia Tech
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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"I don't own this hair, I simply coexist with it. Due to these lovely locks most of my colleagues refer to me as 'the hippie'. I am currently a senior graduate researcher in the Aerospace Engineering department at Georgia Tech. I work primarily in regulatory policy for civil aviation, and plan on finishing my Ph.D. soon. I've been told if I want to transition to a real job I'll need to cut this hair, but that's just convinced me that I don't need a 'real job'."

K. Devaney, LFHCfS

Kathryn Devaney
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Research Assistant
Martinos Center at MGH
Harvard Medical School
Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA
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"Whether studying long-haired monkeys in Belgium or putting long-haired people in fMRI scanners in Massachusetts, Kathryn's devotion to luxurious hair studies has been extraordinary. Recent publications include 'Scene-selective cortical areas in human and non-human primates' and 'Lower-level stimulus features strongly influence response in the Fusiform Face Area.'"
(Nominated by Yakov Kronrod, LFHCfS)

E. Fried, LFHCfS

Eiko Fried
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Ph.D. student in psychology
Freie Universität Berlin
Berlin, Germany
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"In all modesty, I do believe that I was bestowed upon by our Noodly Creator with luxuriant flowing hair. The resemblance of my hair with His Noodly Grace is evident, which can be seen as proof that HE created us in his very image. I myself am an evolutionary psychopathologist, delving deep into the noodly mysteries that lie within what we consider today as the human species. My two hairiest fields of interest are:
(1) The human genome and its double-helix, closely resembling Fusilli, Gemelli, but above all Rotini.
(2) The human brain with its tangle of spaghetti-like axons and meatball-like structures. Again, I see a close resemblance to Him who created trees, mountains, midgits and probably much more.

S. Hampton, LFHCfS

Scott Hampton
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Cumming, Georgia, USA
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"I guess it's time to take the plunge. Although the ongoing work in ophthalmology is my central career passion, my interest in long hair pre-dates the work on eye implants or drug delivery, and includes recent discoveries in long hair care such as sulfate-free shampoo and co-washing. Recent scientific work has resulted in patents pending for linear sustained release of biologic drugs.

D. Hochuli, LFHCfS

Dieter Hochuli, Ph.D.
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Associate Professor
School of Biological Sciences
University of Sydney
Sydney, Australia
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"I head the insect ecology research group at the University of Sydney. Our work focuses on functional roles these animals play in nature and their use in the assessment and restoration of degraded ecosystems - which basically means I spend my time watching insects and spiders do stuff in the name of solving our great environmental crises. I started growing my hair as a joke for a school reunion and decided to keep it when I found out that it annoyed my balding and greying colleagues. As you can see, it's also a handy tool for enhancing teaching evaluations.

R. Jenniges, LFHCfS

Reese Jenniges
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Assistant Research Scientist
Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center
University of Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming, USA
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"I've been called 'hippie', 'long-hair', and most recently, 'Reezus Christ', which is tastefully blasphemous. Most of my work is in data collection, analysis, and management on a menagerie of topics ranging from tobacco research to criminal justice to educational program evaluation. Nothing rocks like flowing locks, just ask Zepp."

D. Jones, LFHCfS

Dr. David Jones
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
PhD Research Student
Petroleum and Environmental Geochemistry Group
Biogeochemistry Centre
University Of Plymouth
Plymouth, UK
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"I grew my hair before becoming a Scientist but know I can't cut it as it is the perfect length for tying back out of my face in the Lab... and having short hair just isn't going to work! I am writing the final chapter of my PhD (on the characterisation of compounds in super-complex mixtures in crude oils) so I'll soon be showing off my luxuriant locks in other science based establishments, whilst doing my PhD I have been compared to Jesus and Aragorn (I prefer the latter...) The picture shows me applying science to the destruction of sandcastles on Teignmouth beach in South Devon, UK. I hope you accept my application as membership of your club is just the thing that'll get me the perfect job... (I was once asked if I would cut my hair for a position, I enquired if they would ask a female the same question, they said no and I didn't get the job!)"

A. Kool, LFHCfS

Anneleen Kool, PhD
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Botanical Garden
Natural History Museum
University of Oslo
Oslo, Norway
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"Anneleen Kool is a systematist, ethnobotanist and future high-throughput next generation cryptozoologist of the highest rank. She has just successfully defended her dissertation at Uppsala University. It has been hypothesized that her long, luxuriant hair is a form of ornamental compensation, trying to make up for the small, scruffy and generally unimpressive group of plants she studies (see Kool et al 2012). However, as she moves on to work with bigger and more beautiful plants the hair remains. Some day we hope to discover its true meaning. Until then we can only gaze in wonder, as (in this photo) we watch the lab coat clad Dr. Kool ride off into the sunset on a camel, luxuriant hair trailing behind her. It doesn't get cooler than that."
(Nominated by Allison Perrigo)

Y. Kronrod, LFHCfS

Yakov Kronrod
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Graduate Student in computational linguistics
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland, USA
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"Yakov Kronrod is a polymath whose intellectual curiosity earned him the nickname 'professor' long before he officially entered academia. His current areas of expertise include computational linguistics, tracking down long-lost relatives and, of course, the intricacies of maintaining luxuriant, flowing hair."
(Nominated by Kathryn Devaney, LFHCfS)

A. Mastin, LFHCfS

Alexander Mastin
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Research Associate in the Epidemiology of Cestode Zoonoses
Cestode Zoonoses Research Group
School of Environment and Life Sciences
University of Salford
Greater Manchester, UK
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"Having submitted an application some years ago to this prestigious organisation and failing to get in, I have since fastidiously and intensively worked on developing a collection of hair which befits both the Luxuriant Flowing Hair and Luxuriant Facial Hair Clubs (with a provisional application for the Former Hair Club in due course, I am sure). I am a veterinary epidemiologist working at the University of Salford in England, investigating Echinococcus tapeworms in domestic dogs in China and Central Asia. Which basically means I am a professional collector of dog faeces. I like to think that the luxuriance of my hair complements the glamour of my job.

D. McCarthy, LFHCfS

Diane McCarthy, PhD
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Recent Graduate of the Department of Biological Sciences
Program in Ecology and Evolution
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, Illinois, USA
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"Diane McCarthy, to whom I have the honor to be married, recently defended her thesis in Biology regarding the phylogeography of Tilia Americana, and then promptly moved to Colorado in search of new challenges. She has presented to wild acclaim at two different Botany Conferences (2009, 2011). She finds her luxuriant flowing hair to be quite useful for storage and indexing of T. Americana samples. She also has a background in Urban Planning, and is interested in integrating the two disciplines so as to help humankind more harmoniously co-exist with nature"
(Nominated by Mark McCracken)

A. Perzynski, LFHCfS

Adam T. Perzynski
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Center for Health Care Research and Policy
Case Western Reserve University at MetroHealth Medical Center
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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"When I tell people I am a sociologist they say, 'You even look like a professor!' Admittedly on occasion I encounter a colleague who thinks I am homeless. A month or so ago I was contemplating dropping these locks, but now that I found out about this club, I am going to hold onto my tremendous mane for the foreseeable future. I am a sociologist at Case Western Reserve University and MetroHealth Medical Center. I am research methodologist who conducts behavioral and social science research in the School of Medicine, but my locks and I flourish most when teaching an undergraduate course I developed at CWRU titled, 'Society through Online Video'."

R. Pfister, LFHCfS

Roland Pfister, Dipl.-Psych.
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
PhD student
Department of Psychology
University of Würzburg
Würzburg, Germany
<more about this member>

"I am pleased to be a member in the combined programme of flowing and facial hair. My latest publication is 'Effective rotations: Action-effects determine the interplay of mental and manual rotations,' Janczyk, M., Pfister, R., Crognale, M., & Kunde, W., (in press) Journal of Experimental Psychology: General."

D. Dack Stuart, MA, LFHCfS

Dack Stuart, MA
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Coastal Scientist
Woods Hole Group
Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA

"My luxurious, flowing and award-winning hair (2011 Moustachio Bashio winner for 'Most creative use of hair', University of Delaware) often elicits 'oohs', 'aahs', and the occasional 'whoa' upon entering a room. I originally grew it in college because that's what college-age men do, but I decided to keep it once I noticed the hypnotic effect it has on people. People often ask for the pleasure of touching my luscious locks, and I need not expand on the effect it has on the fairer sex. My hair is particularly useful in making up for my inability to grow a luxurious flowing beard, and it really goes well with an outrageous Hawaiian shirt and a lei. In the world of marine consulting it looks especially dashing when I stand at the bow of ship, though it is often covered by a hard hat. My luxurious hair is not just for my own glamour: I have donated my hair twice to and I am currently growing it a third time for donation."

L. Unruh, LFHCfS

Larissa Unruh, BS, MPH
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Biophysics/Crystallography Research Assistant
Remington Lab
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon, USA

"It is ridiculously hard being the wearer of such incredibly luxuriant flowing hair. Not only do I have to deal with the envious stares of those with lesser hair, but I have to spend a lot of time trouble shooting to ensure that my hair remains both optimally luxuriant and flowy. I am ecstatic to have found a group specifically for scientists, such as myself, who have been endowed with such fabulous locks. I am currently working as a crystallography research assistant at the University of Oregon studying mutations in a red fluorescent protein called mKeima. However, I will be shifting my focus, if not my hairstyle, in July 2012 when I start as a research epidemiologist for the San Joaquin County Department of Public Health Services."

K. Verkest, LFHCfS

Kurt Verkest, BVSc, BVBiol, MANZCVS, PhD
Member, Luxurient Flowing Hair Club for Scientists
Director of Veterinary Education and Consultant in Oncology
Pets Central
Hong Kong
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"I grew my hair to my mother's annoyance 20 years ago, but it grew on me, so I keep it growing even though it no longer annoys her."

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