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Many scientists with luxuriant flowing hair made their contribution to science before the LFHCfS was founded. For their memory, we offer this page of Historical Honorary Members

NOTE: Historical Honorary members can also be found in the LFHCfS category of the Improbable Blog

I. Asimov, LFHCfS

Isaac Asimov, Historical Honorary Member

"I nominate biologist, author, and 20th century Renaissance Man Dr. Isaac Asimov as an Historical Honorary Member. Surely 'Dr. A' is eligible for membership, based on his scientific accomplishments and the admirable tresses that provided such dramatic contrast to a set of sideburns Elvis envied."
(Submitted by Charlie Spencer)

L. Boltzmann, LFHCfS

Ludwig Boltzmann, Historical Honorary Member

"He is famous for his contributions to statistical thermodynamics and the Boltzmann equation, describing the dynamics of an ideal gas. Besides bearer of an almost ideal luxurious flowing beard."
(Submitted by Dr. Siegfried Peer)

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O. Cruz, LFHCfS

Oswaldo Cruz, Historical Honorary Member

"Tireless worker for public health, reduction of disease, etc. Nice hair."
(Submitted by Gwen Barnes)

A. Einstein, LFHCfS

Albert Einstein, Historical Honorary Member

"Physicist. Bon vivant. A bold experimentalist with hair."
(Submitted by Janie Thomas)

R. Feynman, LFHCfS

Richard Feynman, Historical Honorary Member

"I nominate Feynman, for LFHCfS. Surely, he would have liked it."
(Submitted by R.M. Mentock)

B. Franklin, LFHCfS

Benjamin Franklin, Historical Honorary Member

"The club would be incomplete without Ben Franklin, one of history's greatest scientists. And unlike certain other celebrated scientists with long hair, Ben's was all natural, not some fancy wig."
(Submitted by Jacqueline Holmes)

H. Lamarr, LFHCfS

Hedy Lamarr, Historical Honorary Member

Co-inventor of divided spectrum transmission technology.

J. Loschmidt, LFHCfS

Jan or Johann Josef Loschmidt, Historical Honorary Member

"He was the first to determine the number of molecules of an ideal gas in 1 cm³. This is now known as the ‘Loschmidt number’ L = 2.687 × 10^19 cm³. The number of hair per cm² in his luxurious flowing beard by the way is around 60."
(Submitted by Dr. Siegfried Peer)

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A. Lovelace, LFHCfS

Lady Ada Lovelace, Historical Honorary Member

"Augusta Ada King (née Byron), Countess of Lovelace wrote the code for Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, and so is often called the first computer programmer. The computer language 'Ada' is named after her, and she had a lot of hair! She has inspired a range of computer programmers, steampunk illustrators, and at least one YouTube hair tutorial. You can purchase an image of her hair, via Reddit."
(Submitted by David Kessler)

M. Mead, LFHCfS

Margaret Mead, Historical Honorary Member

"Margaret Mead was an American cultural anthropologist, who moved us away from ethnocentric anthropological studies to less judgemental, more culturally-relativistic studies. She taught us that our culture has certain beliefs and other cultures have other beliefs; neither outlook is right or wrong, they are merely different. I love her fly-away locks."
(Submitted by Ann Sasahara)

D. I. Mendelev, LFHCfS

Dimitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev, Historical Honorary Member

"A man of many interests, liberal and enterprising. Nice hair."
(Submitted by Martin D'Ambrosio)

Isaac Newton, courtesy of
I. Newton, LFHCfS

Isaac Newton, Historical Honorary Member

"I would like to nominate Sir Isaac Newton -- arguably history's greatest physicist, the inventor of the calculus, and hair like a rock star."
(Submitted by George Haley)

M. Ptah, LFHCfS

Merit Ptah, Historical Honorary Member
(c. 2700 BCE)

"She was, possibly, the first recorded physician in the world (c. 2700 BCE). She was also the first woman in science to be known by name. She had gorgeous, long locks and she walked like an Egyptian."
(Submitted by Ann Sasahara)

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