LFHCfS Woman and Man of the Year 2015

Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists™
Woman and Man of the Year 2015

The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS) is proud to announce the selection of its Woman of The Year and Man of The Year for 2015: An American researcher who studies microbes that live in paper wasp bodies and nests, and a British researcher who plumbs the mysteries of critical illnesses.

Details and more photos on our honorees below
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Dr. Anne A. Madden
Woman of the Year 2015

Dr. Madden is a member
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HER WORK:  Dr. Madden is a microbial ecologist who specializes in microorganisms associated with wasps. She is a Sloan Foundation Microbiology of the Built Environment Postdoctoral Research Fellow, at North Carolina State University (lab of Dr. Rob Dunn) and Colorado University (lab of Dr. Noah Fierer). She also works on identifying wild yeasts with novel flavor profiles for brewing beer. www.AnneAMadden.com  -  @AnneAMadden

HOBBIES:  Kayaking, motorcycling (she has not yet determined how to control her hair under a helmet), snorkeling, petting endangered animals, bouncing in bouncy houses, and communicating science to non-scientists.

HAIR:  She has magnificent, luxuriant flowing hair.

HAIR & SCIENCE:  "As my hair is a natural dark red brown, it is a testament to modern science, and particularly chemistry, that it is now this bright, blond color. Yay applied science!"

REACTION TO THIS AWARD:  It's an honor to receive an award that highlights how delightfully absurd and accepting our community can be. Science is a place where you can revel freely in doing serious work, all the while dressing however you please. This is what science looks like: science looks like everyone.

Dr. Madden provided these other examples of her hair at work, at play, and being admired by a luxuriant flowing trunk. Photos by Holly Menninger, Kent Porter, & Kevin Haight.

Dr. Alex Dyson
Man of the Year 2015

Dr. Dyson is a member
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HIS WORK:  Dr. Dyson is a Clinical Physiologist at University College London, studying the mechanisms underlying critical illness states (such as ischaemia/reperfusion injury). He works in a combined academia/industry role developing a drug that will hopefully prevent chronic heart failure following acute myocardial infarction (heart attack). The drug is pretty funky and works by decreasing metabolism, akin to hibernation or suspended animation. You can hear him discussing part of his work in a Clinical Science Podcast.

HOBBIES:  Drumming, drinking, and "a little bit of art to balance things out"

HAIR:  He has magnificent, luxuriant flowing hair.

REACTIONS TO HIS HAIR:  Some say it should be conditioned more. Some say it should be dyed. Some (unbelievably) say it should be chopped off completely. I would say I'm pretty happy with it the way it is and have been for nearly a decade.

REACTION TO THIS AWARD:  Hair says it all really... doesn't it?

Dr. Dyson provided this other example of his hair at work
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