LFHCfS Woman and Man of the Year 2016

Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists™
Woman and Man of the Year 2016

The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS) is proud to announce the selection of its Woman of the Year and Man of the Year for 2016: A Danish researcher who studies polymer micro and nano engineering, and a Scottish researcher in America who studies particles in the atmosphere for NASA.

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Ph.D Candidate Nastasia Okulova
Woman of the Year 2016

Ms. Okulova is a member (photo by Bjarne Sørensen)
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Ph.D Candidate Nastasia Okulova, LFHCfS WOMAN-OF-THE-YEAR

HER WORK:  Nastasia Okulova is a Danish Ph.D student working on micro and nano technology and engineering methods based on a polymer materials platform, at the Technical University of Denmark. Her collaboration with Danish company, Danapak Flexibles A/S aims to implement functional nano structures into the surface of packaging foils. Applications for this range from self-cleaning and anti-icing surfaces for trains and windmills (which would save a lot of energy), to preventing yoghurt from sticking to its lid.

HER HAIR:  She has magnificent, luxuriant flowing hair.

HAIR & SCIENCE:  "Curly hair is like science, you never know what to expect of it. It is in a state of superposition between being easy and hard to work with. From time to time you can wake up with nice-looking hair. You'd think that the hair cells are dead, but I suspect that my hair has a life of its own."

REACTION TO THIS AWARD:  "It is actually an honor to receive such a title"

photo of Nastasia Okulova, LFHCfS, by Jesper Scheel
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photo of Nastasia Okulova, LFHCfS, by Søgård-Høyer
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Dr. Andrew Sayer
Man of the Year 2016

Dr. Sayer is a member
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HIS WORK:  Dr. Sayer is a Scottish physicist working on Atmospheric Remote Sensing at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, USA, studying atmospheric aerosols around the world. You can see a video of him talking about this research on NASA Goddard's YouTube channel.

"Aerosols is a catch-all term for particles in the air, like smoke from fires, dust blown from deserts, volcanic ash, and industrial haze, among others. We can use satellite observations and ground-based instruments to study aerosols, and they're important for reasons including climate change and air quality/human health, among others.
Most of my work is into better ways of observing aerosols from satellite instruments. When we have these satellite data records, we can use them to answer questions such as how aerosols interact with and modify clouds."

HIS HAIR:  He has magnificent, luxuriant flowing hair.

HAIR CARE:  "I was initially sceptical but, after a lot of gentle prodding from my girlfriend, I started using conditioner when washing my hair. The results of my several-year scientific experiment into this have revealed that it really is better than using shampoo alone."

REACTION TO THIS AWARD:  "Now that I have been awarded this honour, I hope that my parents will be proud of me"

Dr. Sayer introduces his research in this YouTube interview.

Dr. Sayer with sun photometer
Dr. Sayer with a roof-top Sun Photometer
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Dr. Sayer with Charlie the dog
Dr. Sayer with his dog, Charlie
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