Ig Nobel Prize Tour of Australia 2004


2004 Ig™ Nobel Tour of Australia

WHAT: The Ig Nobel Tour of Australia

WHEN: August 12-21, 2004

WHERE: (To see details and photos, click on the name of each city)
Perth / Alice Springs / Canberra / Melbourne / Hobart

WHY: To celebrate National Science Week

Faces in the crowd at the Melbourne event.

WHO: Marc Abrahams (organizer of the Ig Nobel Prizes, and editor of the Annals of Improbable Research), and, in some events, surprise guests including genuine Ig Nobel prize winners, other splendid scientists, powerful politicians, and a remarkable five-year-old girl. Fragrant frogs assisted in the proceedings at one event. At each of the two Canberra events, there was a performance of songs from the Ig Nobel nano-opera "Atom and Eve."

Marc Abrahams (third from left) the day after the show at the University of Tasmania. (Photo: Wayne Goninon)

An audience at the University of Tasmania learns about Captain Edward A. Murphy, Jr. -- the Murphy of Murphy's Law.

FURTHER INFO: Click here to reach the National Science Week web site, and here for the press release.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Liz Roche, Mary-Anne Waldren, John Ghirardello, and the entire magnificent staff of ASF; and to Gabby Tramby, Robyn Williams, and Karl Kruszelnicki.

Want to (a) host an event for the 2005 tour or (b) help sponsor the tour? Then get in touch with National Science Week organizer Liz Roche (tel. 02 62050588) at ASF. Ltd.

SPONSORED BY: Curtin University, WA; University of Tasmania; and National Science Week. Special thanks to ASF, Ltd.

Ig Nobel Tour 2004 Australia Events

In Alice Springs, a few hours before the Ig Nobel event.

  • Australia's National Science Week featured a series of Ig Nobel shows on AUGUST 12-21, 2004. The shows featured AIR editor Marc Abrahams, several Ig Nobel Prize winners, and other of the world's great scientists, musicians, and other thinkers. (NOTE: Marc also took part in several other events that are not primarily Ig Nobel - related.)
  • CANBERRA, THURSDAY, AUG. 12. National Science Week officially launched with a special Ig Nobel event, hosted by Robyn Williams. [This event was by invitation only.]
  • PERTH, FRIDAY, Aug. 13, 6:00 PM. Ig Nobel Event. Curtin University, Bentley Campus, Elizabeth Jolley Lecture Theatre
  • ALICE SPRINGS, SUNDAY, AUG. 15, 7:30 PM. Ig Nobel event. Alice Springs Cultural Centre, Larapinta Drive
  • CANBERRA, MONDAY, AUG. 16, 7:00 PM. Ig Nobel event. Shine Dome, Academy of Science, Acton.
  • CANBERRA, TUESDAY, AUG. 17, 6:00 PM. Marc Abrahams took part in a debate of sorts about mathematics and the stock market,
  • MELBOURNE, THURSDAY, AUG. 19, 6:00 PM. Ig Nobel event. The Age Theatrette, Melbourne Museum
  • HOBART, FRIDAY, AUG. 20, 6:00 PM. Ig Nobel event.University of Tasmania, University Centre
  • HOBART, SATURDAY, AUG. 21. University of Tasmania Faculty Dinner (with an Improbable Research twist)

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