Ig Nobel Prize Tour of Australia 2004 -- Hobart, Tasmania


The Hobart Show

on the 2004 Ig™ Nobel Tour of Australia

Faces in the crowd.

WHEN/WHERE: Friday August 20, 2004, University of Tasmania, Hobart

WHO: Marc Abrahams (organizer of the Ig Nobel Prizes, and editor of the Annals of Improbable Research). This was half of a rock 'em, sock-em double bill. Part 2 was a mesmerizing talk by deep ocean explorer Sylvia Earle.


Promotional flyer.

The University of Tasmania's GetSET report

The University of Tasmania gets its first good look at (a photo of ) Ig Nobel Prize winner Captain Edward A. Murphy -- the Murphy of Murphy's Law.

Faces in the crowd.

Some of Hobart's lovely hilly neighborhoods, with Mount Wellington visible to the rear.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Wayne Goninon and Jim Reid, and the apparently hundreds of outstanding organizers in the faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology at the University of Tasmania; and Paula Goninon. (And special thanks to the gentleman who lent Marc a tuxedo for his appearance at the Science Faculty dinner the next evening.)

Faces in the crowd.

PHOTOS: Most of these photos were taken by Robin Abrahams.

A Tasmanian devil snacks on a chunk of fresh rabbit.

SPONSORED BY: Curtin University, WA; University of Tasmania; and National Science Week. Special thanks to ASF, Ltd.

Faces in the crowd.

An emu, who as events turned out, was unable to attend the Improbable Research show.

Marc Abrahams and Sylvia Earle, co-stars for this National Science Week double extravaganza.

Faces in the crowd.

Marc and David Bartlett attempt to judge the Nano-Lecture competition at the University of Tasmania's Science Faculty Dinner. (Photo: Wayne Goninon)

Marc Abrahams (third from left) the day after the show at the University of Tasmania. (Photo: Wayne Goninon)


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