Webcast: 2011 Ig® Nobel Prize Ceremony


Here's recorded video of the entire 2011 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony:


What to expect (in this video of the live webcast)

Things started promptly at 7:30 pm (Boston time), more or less.

The first Ig Nobel Prize were announced about 15 minutes later.

In that first 15 minutes you will see:

Then — all in a rush — comes ALL THE GOOD STUFF: the announcement of the ten (10) Ig Nobel Prizes, the five (5) acts of the new mini-opera "Chemist in a Coffee Shop", the 24/7 Lectures, the Win-a-Date-With-a-Nobel-Laureate Contest, and lots of other things. Details can be found on this year's ceremony page.

The entire ceremony will last somewhere between 90 minutes and two hours.

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