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—> All scheduled people-gathering-in-a-physical-location events are of course subject to what happens with the COVID-19 pandemic. We will update details here as soon as we know them.

October 19, 2021, Tuesday, 6:30-8:00 pm.  Kavli Conversations on Science Communication at NYU, New York City, USAMarc Abrahams, Cara Giaimo, and Jessica Boddy and will discuss “Reporting Weird Science—from fluorescent wombats to the Ig Nobel Prizes”. This event will be livestreamed.
September 9-November 3, 2021 Ig Nobel Exhibition, Fukuoka, Japan—Gala exhibition, at the Fukuoka City Science Museum, of Ig Nobel Prize-winning achievements, things, and people. The exhibition has a curious Twitter handle: @ignobel_fuk. On October 16 there will be a special talk by this year’s Kinetics Prize laureate Hisashi Murakami, and 2003 Chemistry Prize laureate Yukio Hirose.
Sept/Oct/Nov, 2021.  2021 Ig Informal Lectures—The new Ig Nobel Prize winners try to explain what they did and why they did it. Because of the pandemic, this year’s lectures are happening entirely online. The videos of these lectures are and will be collected on the 2021 ceremony web page. Here is the release schedule:

  • Thurs, Sept 16, 2021.  Peace Prize Ig Informal Lecture
  • Thurs, Sept 23, 2021.  Biology Ig Informal Lecture
  • Thurs, Sept 30, 2021.  Transportation Prize Ig Informal Lecture
  • Thurs, Oct 21, 2021. Economics Prize Ig Informal Lecture
  • Thurs, Oct 28, 2021. Ecology Prize Ig Informal Lecture
  • Thurs, Nov 4, 2021. Physics Prize Ig Informal Lecture
  • Thurs, Nov 11, 2021. Kinetics Prize Ig Informal Lecture
  • OTHERS to be announced
November 10, 2021, Wednesday, 6:30 pm.  Café Scientifique, Muret, FranceMarc Abrahams will be part of a discussion about the Ig Nobel Prizes, teledistantly.
November 26, 2021, Friday.  Science Friday” radio program. Specially edited version of the 2021 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. See the Science Friday web site for broadcast times. PLEASE NOTE: In most (but not all) cities, Science Friday is a two-hour-long program. In those cities, the Ig Nobel ceremony will be in the SECOND hour of the two-hour program.
January 20, 2022, Thursday, 4:00 pm (U.S. eastern time).  (Improbable) Conversation: Physics and Psychology of Cats“, with Marc Abrahams, physicist *and Ig Nobel Prize winner) Marc-Antoine Fardin, and psycholinguist Jean Berko Gleason. This is the first in a series of online conversational events — a collaboration between The Conversation and Improbable Research. Details TBA
January 14, 2022, Friday, 7:00 pm.  ArisiaDramatic Readings from Improbable Research studies. Details TBA
Spring, 2022.  2022 Ig Nobel Euro (and maybe Brexitannia) Tour—With optimism about the taming of the COVID-19 pandemic, we tentatively plan to resume the annual Ig Nobel Euro (and maybe Brexitannia) Tour, with events in several nations. Here is a glimpse at the schedule:

  • April 26, 2022, Thursday, UNIVERSITY OF AARHUS, DENMARK

If your institution would like to host an event, please get in touch ASAP with marc ATTTTT improbable DOTTTTT com

September, 2022. Exact date TBA. The 32nd First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony

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