UK Tour

2014 Ig Nobel Tour of the UK

VIDEO: Watch the 2013 show at IET and the 2012 show at Imperial College London.

The 2014 tour will span March 14-April 2, 2014. It’s all about research that makes people laugh, then think. This will be the eleventh annual tour, in conjunction with National Science & Engineering Week.  twitter: #IgNobel #Sciweek

PreviewsIan Visits, Yorkshire Evening Post
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March 14, 2014, Friday, 6:00 pm LONDON — Imperial College. Great Hall, Level 2, Sherfield Building, South Kensington campus. [map.] [BOOK TICKETS].

UPDATE: A review of the show, by Steve Colgan

Featuring:  Marc Abrahams / Sue Gibson and The QI Elves [Steve Colgan, Andy Murray, Molly Oldfield, Jack Burke, Anne Miller, James Harkin, Anna Ptaszyncki, Dan Schreiber] performing Dramatic Improbable Readings from bizarre, genuine research reports / Mason Porter (Bipolar patients as oscillators) / Andrew George reciting the entire works of the bad poet McGonagall, or a portion thereof / Ig Nobel Prize winner Kees Moeliker (homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck, and its aftermath) / Daniel Gillingwater and Sarah Redmond (and Kees Moeliker) in the world premiere of “The Homosexual Necrophiliac Duck Opera“.
March 17, 2014, Monday, 7:00 pm. COVENTRY — University of Warwick, Zeeman Building, room MS.02. [BOOK TICKETS]
Marc Abrahams / Robin Ball, Ig Nobel physics prize winner (for discovering some of the physics of pony tails), will explain a new paper by another Ig Nobel physics prize winner who, building on the ponytail physics knowledge, explored the physics of curly hair / Stevyn Colgan, QI elf and former London police officer, on why the London Police played Hide-and-Seek / Piers Barnes, Ig Nobel Prize winner (for determining how many photos you need to take of a group of people to almost ensure having a photo with everyone’s eyes open)
March 18, 2014, Tuesday, 7:00 pm. LONDON — Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square. [BOOK TICKETS]
Marc Abrahams and a gaggle of celebrated persons  performing Dramatic Improbable Readings from bizarre, genuine research reports. Dramatic readers include: Alex BellStevyn Colgan, Julie Gould; Kate Arkless GrayTrish Groves; James Harkin; Polina HarkinValerie JamiesonAlok Jha; Imran Khan; Molly Oldfield; Tim Radford; Annette Smith.
March 20, 2014, Thursday, 7:00 pm LEEDS — University of Leeds, Conference Auditorium.  [BOOK TICKETS] Featuring: Marc Abrahams / David Schultz (Does it rain more on weekends?) / PLUS a gaggle of celebrated persons performing Dramatic Improbable Readings from bizarre, genuine research reports, such person including (but not limited to) the Lord Mayor of Leeds.
March 24-27, 2014 NOTE: SCANDINAVIA — The Ig Nobel Tour of Scandinavia happens March 24-27, with shows in Aarhus, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. For details see the complete Improbable Events Schedule. 

April 2, 2014, Wednesday, 6:00 pm. PORTSMOUTH — University of Portsmouth, Richmond Building, Portland Street. [This event is booked full. BUT it’s likely a few seats will become available on the night. You can GET ON THE WAITING LIST] Marc Abrahams / Ig Nobel Prize winner Ilja van Beest (roller coaster rides as a treatment for asthma) / Ig Nobel Prize winner Richard Stephens (swearing as a response to pain) / Alex Ford (Prozac and the happiness of clams).

Additional events TO BE ANNOUNCED


The shows feature Marc Abrahams, organizer of the Ig Nobel Prizes, editor of the Annals of Improbable Research, and Guardian columnist, together with a gaggle of Ig Nobel Prize winners and other improbable researchers.

The tour also celebrates publication of the new book This Is Improbable Too.

The Imperial College London show will include the world premiere performance of “The Homosexual Necrophiliac Duck Opera” by Daniel Gillingwater, with a cameo appearance by Kees Moeliker, the Ig Nobel Prize-winning discoverer of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck.

The Dramatic-Improbable-Readings  feature an entire gang of all-star performers. The performers each do dramatic, two-minute readings from bizarre, genuine studies collected by the Annals of Improbable Research. Each performer will be unfamiliar with the study she or he is reading aloud, aside from skimming through it immediately before the show begins. The performers will also entertain entertaining questions from the audience.