2013 Ig Nobel Tour of the UK
VIDEO: Watch last year's (2012) show at Imperial College London.

The 2013 tour will span March 15-April 7, 2013. It's all about research that makes people laugh, then think. This will be the eleventh annual tour, in conjunction with National Science & Engineering Week.

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Previews: Ian Visits, Tech City News, FlyFM, The Times, BBC Radio Wales, Time Out

Some looks back at last year (2012)'s tour: Ian Visits, The List, U of Dundee, Steve Colgyn's inside peek at the London events (and a further look), Guardian Science Weekly podcast, Physics World, Faraz Mainul Alam

Previous tours: 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003

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March 15, 2013, Friday, 6:00 pm LONDON. (Big Ig Nobel show) Imperial College. Great Hall, Level 2, Sherfield Building, South Kensington campus. [map.] [BOOK TICKETS]. This event is fully booked... BUT it's likely that a few tickets will become available at the last minute. So if you want to come just before show time, and take your chances, please do! UPDATE: Liveskeptic has storified the event. Featuring: Marc Abrahams, Ian Day and Santi Rodriguez, Ray Goldstein, James Harkin, Volker Sommer, Richard Stephens, with a McGonagall recitation by Andrew J.T. George. Also featuring a special appearance by Sid Rodrigues, who will sit on the stage, motionless, doing nothing for 90 minutes.
March 21, 2012, Thursday, 6:45 pm NOTTINGHAM. (Big Ig Nobel show) Nottingham Trent University, in the Newton Building, City site. [directions] [BOOK TICKETS] Featuring: Marc Abrahams, Anna Wilkinson, Charles Deeming, Robin Ball, Bob Batty.
March 27, 2012, Wednesday, 7:30 pm. SWANSEA. Science Cafe, in the Dylan Thomas Centre, 1 Somerset Place, Swansea. Marc Abrahams will talk about Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes.
April 4, 2013, Thursday, 6:00 pm LONDON. (Big Ig Nobel show) Institute of Engineering and Technology, Savoy Place. [BOOK TICKETS].This event will also be webcast live. [HERE IS RECORDED VIDEO OF THE EVENT.] Featuring: Marc Abrahams, Siobhan Abeyesinghe, Charlotte Burn, Chris McManus, Dan Schreiber. NOTE: Professor McManus will present new data, which he gathered on the recent Ig Nobel tour of Denmark. Also featuring a near appearance by Sid Rodrigues, who will sit outside the building, motionless, doing nothing for 90 minutes.
April 6, 2013, Saturday, 7:30 pm LONDON. "101 People To Meet Before You (Or They) Die", Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square [BOOK TICKETS] Marc Abrahams will be one of the subset of 101 interviewed on stage. Details TBA.
April 7, 2013, Sunday, 6:30 pm. LONDON. Festival of Neuroscience, Barbican Centre, main auditorium.Twitter #BNAneurofest Marc Abrahams will do a talk about improbable and overlooked research about the brain.
Additional events TO BE ANNOUNCED

What and who: The shows feature Marc Abrahams, organizer of the Ig Nobel Prizes, editor of the Annals of Improbable Research, and Guardian columnist, together with a gaggle of Ig Nobel Prize winners and other improbable researchers.

There are two different kinds of shows.

In the Ig Nobel shows (Imperial College London, HP in Bristol, IET in London), Marc Abrahams will review the past year's improbable research and Ig Nobel Prize winners. Several Ig winners, and other scientists who have done things just as improbably impressive, will try to explain what they did and why they did it, and will field questions. Each show will include a unique combination of individuals. Performers include:


The Dramatic-Readings-From-Improbable-Research-Reports shows are very different from that. Each show features an entire gang of all-star performers. The performers each do dramatic, two-minute readings from bizarre studies collected by the Annals of Improbable Research. Each performer will be unfamiliar with the study she or he is reading aloud, aside from skimming through it immediately before the show begins. The performers will also entertain entertaining questions from the audience.