Ig-Arisia 2017 Nominations

Nominations for the Improbable Research event at Arisia
(Friday January 13, 2017)


On Friday, January 13th, 2017 (from 9pm-10pm) Improbable Research will present an event at Arisia - "New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention".

Our readers will present dramatic mini-readings from patents and research papers that have won the Ig Nobel Prize. We will provide readers a choice of papers to present from shortly before the event begins. Each reading will be limited to 2 minutes maximum, by some sort of timing strategy.

There might be some added Friday the 13th features.

Help us choose some of those readers!

What qualities should your nominations possess?
    ⁃   Charismatic stage presence
    ⁃   A good speaking voice
    ⁃   Able to read clearly into a microphone
    ⁃   Not easily rattled when asked questions about a research paper they have only just read themselves*
    ⁃   (most importantly) Attending Arisia on Friday Night, January 13, 2017

    * We will tell the audience just how recently you met the material you're presenting. (If only television and cable were so forthcoming)

We encourage you to nominate Attendees, Staff, Vendors, or other Unexpected People who would do a good job - just let us know why you think they would do a good job!

If your favorites are already nominated (see the list below) then tell us that, and say why you think they would be good presenters - that's just more information helping us make our choices.

Do you know someone who should be illuminated by The Human Spotlight?
Do you know someone who should be illuminated by The Human Spotlight? (photo by D. Kessler)


email david-AT-improbable-DOT-com. Include:


Let the fen know who you have nominated and this gets more interesting!


(we list nominees here and you can email us to comment)

Sarah Smith

Lenny Foner

Sonya Taaffe

Rob Noyes

Anabel Graetz

Samuel Zelley

Chuck Tanowitz

Greer Gilman

John Hodges

Bill McIninch

Gary Dryfoos

Dean Grodzins